The Most

Effective Way To Calm Your Mind

Meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts.

Discover the Path to Self-Devotion

with Our Yoga Training Immersions Kundalini Technology Labs

Embark on a transformative journey through the sacred practices of Kundalini Yoga with our series of Kundalini Technology Labs.

Our Yoga Training immersions- Kundalini Technology Labs - are uniquely designed to teach beginners to advanced participants authentic stress management, spiritual growth, and energy balancing tools to activate your Self-Initiation process at your own pace and unique frequency.

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Your Transformational Journey

  • Developing your personal devotional yogic practice, April 20th, 2024: This training Lab will offer yogic tools and rituals to strengthen your commitment to your daily self-care with the Mother Goddess Kundalini.

  • Mandeep will offer her daily practice tips and insights on how to joyfully create a personal Kundalini Yoga practice that creates Well-being on all levels of living your life - mental, physical, and spiritual. Handouts will be given with several yogic formulas - meditations, breath work, and kriya that Mandeep has personally used for years.

  • We offer these training labs in intimate in person groups of 25 or less. Online, a global connection will be created with the intention of building a Global Community, Elevation, with the outcome of a Thriving Global Expansion of Consciousness.

  • Virtual participants will enjoy a global connection via Zoom, with all labs recorded for playback availability for one year, ensuring you can revisit and deepen your practice at your convenience.

  • All ages, all identities and all levels of yoga experience are welcome!

Event Details

  • Date: 20th of April

  • Time: 10 AM - 1 PM

  • Location: The event will take place in the historic district of Las Vegas (The Historic Scotch 80s).To maintain the sanctity of our space, the address will be provided in your confirmation email upon booking. You can attend also via Zoom - virtually and a recording will be sent to you after the event.

  • Price: $75

  • Capacity: Limited spots available – ensuring a personalized and profound experience.

Use code LAB to secure an early bird discount and save 10% until 19th of April

What You Will Learn

  • Simplified Steps to Kundalini Yogic Self-Care: Break down the complexities of Kundalini Yoga into clear, manageable steps for optimized health and positive living.

  • The Power of Devotion and Rituals: Explore the profound impact of integrating devotion and rituals into your practice, moving beyond yoga as mere exercise.

  • Personalized Practices for Transformation: Receive handouts detailing guidance for four different Kundalini Yoga practices, including Kirtan Kriya, Sat Kriya, Breath of Fire, and Shabd Kriya, each offering specific outcomes to enrich your experience.

Beyond The Lab

Mandeep's commitment to your growth extends beyond the lab. With the option for one-on-one mentoring sessions, she offers personalized support to help you navigate your path of self-devotion and discovery.

Our mission is to build a global community focused on elevation, thriving expansion, and genuine self-training. Whether you're taking your first steps towards self-care rituals or seeking to deepen your understanding of Kundalini Yoga, our labs offer a supportive, enlightening environment for all.

Use code LAB to secure an early bird discount and save 10% until 19th of April

Sat Nam! I'm Mandeep, embodying

“A Heart Illumined Mind & Consciousness.”

Our connection is already deep if you're reading this, contributing to global consciousness evolution.

From Atlanta, Georgia, I've practiced yoga since the 70s. My journey intensified in 1999 with Integral Yoga, leading to a transformative path of healing myself and others. In 2000, I fully embraced yoga, finding solace and strength in its practices.

My exploration deepened with Kundalini Yoga in 2007, enhancing my spiritual journey. With extensive training in Yogic Lifestyle, Vibrational Therapy, and teaching, I focus on addiction recovery, empowerment, and sound therapy, advocating for collective consciousness growth.

I believe in the power of Kundalini and Yogic Sciences to uplift and unite us.

We are One.

Sat Nam - Truth is my Identity.

All Love, Mandeep

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